Verses and Hooks 3


We’re dream chasing, crafting history in this making
So you know I’m steady grinding cos I don’t fancy vacation
Gotta hustle when you can cos time is waiting for no man
Not really tryna end up wishing I could’ve finished the mission
The vision is panoramic, straight clutch and automatic
Punchlines from zero to hundred, we got it all in abundance
No Rigor Mortis, the flow is forever flawless
Straight up NOTORIOUS!!! Shout out to Christopher Wallace
Labels simply ignore us cos we don’t sound like a chorus
So we do our own thing, driving through our own lanes
Some people try to box me but I fly my own planes
The mastermind of my lines, kinda like a soul train
If you can dream it all you got to do is believe it
Even if it’s only you that really takes the time to see it
So go on be it, never think it to leave it
And give it all you got, you’ll surely end up at the top

Verse 1
Okay.. ready set, lets GO!!!
Yep…One time for your mind let’s ROLL!!!
Working super hard like an honor role
So I spit that crack rock, and I’m finna BLOW!!!
Patient…Waiting to finally make it
Not the type of nigga who be tryna fake it
Going non-stop like Walter Payton
And I drop bombs that’s hot like Cajun
No wheezing out or phasing
Don’t even think of contemplating
Coz my dreams is what I’m chasing
So for the paper boy I’m speed racing
Headed to the stop displacing
All you wack acts I’m replacing
Cos my ish is so amazing
Hot like fire, yeah its blazing

We the shit right here
Prolly make a mill first week nigga
We the shit right here
Never said I came from the streets
But everytime I rap its always laced with the hit
Straight turnt-up, smoking loud on a beach
Higher than a kite, so I’m harder to reach
Yeah, a good girl type but I love me a freak

Oooh whoa oooh oh oh
Oh oh
Oooh whoa oooh oh oh
Oh oh, oh oh oh

When I finally get this money I’m gon’ show it
In the VIP, pop bottles, yeah we pouring
Cruising in that GT, drop top strolling
Bet the people just start waving like they know me
Verse 2
Real nigga…..never pulled a trigger
Rhyme a little iller like a made Born Sinner
Always on the grind, tryna make the dream more realer
So you know I’m never stopping til’ I see the grim reaper
Showtime ripper, call me gold mine spitta
And when I finally make it, I’m bringing all my niggas
Headed to better times like a lottery winner
Talking lights camera action with the candle light dinners
Cos I’m super dedicated, so you know I’m never fading
Corny niggas might just hate it, but it keeps me motivated
Envying the shine, so I know they feeling jaded
Got me spitting like propellers, which just keeps me elevated
All we do is chase the lettuce like a super vegetarian
Ain’t really with that beef like Conan the Barbarian
So please players, keep it at ease or on your knees you’ll be
If you’re F-ing with me, keeping it G

Repeat Hook and Bridge

Verse 3
Uh…Z.O.T.T .To E.O.T.B
Should’ve did a motherfucking million first week
But nowadays a cosign the only way you get seen
Internet niggas talk so much shit and I be
I can tell you hate yourself following your tweets
But I promise it be different if you see me in the streets
Cos every nigga with me don’t play about me
He sound like you, you sound like him
Shit all yall sounding the same
Nigga I spend K after K, K after K,
K after K like a hate niggas
But I do it for the fam, and you do It for the gram
No amount of this money can ever change who I am
If I do anything its that while I’m here
All in an adding to bringing back “WILL”

Repeat Hook and Bridge Til Fade

Verse 1
I got that panoramic sunroof; yeah I got my weight off
Destined to shine, you haters screaming like Adolf
Money making like Madoff, but you know I ain’t swindling
Only thing’s that similar is stacking up all the millions
Living in sin, but I know heaven’s within
Try to gable life, so I mixed it up with juice and gin
The fitted cocked brim, staying fresher than a bin
Working getting money, try to hustle while it’s still sunny
Cos when that rain comes, its falling like hell storms
So stack them pesos or else you’ll just fade slow
Ain’t talking smoking weed but living life on your knees
Cos time keeps running, so you know I’m steading gunning
For that top spot, cos you know I’m top notch
Yeah we elevating, aint no stopping deliberating
Anticipating, the secong drop like a chick coming
I only pray that the people love it

Cos we…Steady Chasin Lettuce til we fucking get a head!
Huh?!……Steady Chasin Lettuce til we fucking get a head!!
Huh?!!…..Steady Chasin Lettuce til we fucking get a head!!!
I grind for mine, yeah homie it’s my time to shine

Verse 2
Money’s the motive, hustle like a locomotive
And being super successful, you can say that it’s the votive
Verses screaming like Otis, so homie act like you notice
It’s a King in your presence, no need for second guessing
The words is a blessing, for the haters sounds suppressing
They can’t read between the lines, kinda like Egyptian signs
Talking bout hieroglyphics, its cryptic just how I clip this
30 up in the chamber just spilling lyrical danger
Delusions of grandeur how these rappers got you scammed bruh
Talking phony bologna, more like rainbows and some ponies
So tune into that real if you’re tryna get that feel
Of words turned compositions, I promise its your best decision
Still chasing that paper like my life depended on it
So I talk about my life, grab the paper and penned it on it
Visions of riches with some European witches
And the gladest of nights, pray the Lord just lets us see this

Repeat Hook Til Fade

Money On My Mind, Spit It Out One Time(3ce)
Get Ready For The Show, Here we go, Lets Ride!!!

Verse 1
Money On My Mind, Spit It Out One Time
It’s All I Think About, And It Ain’t No Lie
On This Rat Race And I’m On For The Chase
Cos The Cheese Make The Ladies Wild All Over The Place
Life We Embrace, Give God All The Grace
Being Dead Is Really Dark, Kinda Looks Like Outer-space
Working Super Hard, Tryna Shoot Up Like A Star
Even Though My Situation Seems a Little Too Far
So It’s Grind Time, Bout to shine like a Diamond
Sport Fly Shit, Don’t Have a Heisman
Haters Gon’ Hate, Cos They Can’t Keep Pace
Cos we’re on another level, and they’re still on First Base
Base, base, disappear without a trace
We’re popping Champagne, preferably be the Ace
Fluency in Gwapanese man is all we really need
To making them fat stacks, and just blowing up like trees

Repeat Hook

Verse 2
So I’m…on my grind, on time, never fading
I’m the best, don’t stress, thanks for waiting
Silly niggas they just want to keep on hating
Cos I’m killing shit like Jason
On my Freddy Crugar cos I keep getting slept on
Call me Mr. Chow, cos I’m never getting F’d on
Real shit that we spilling like we passed on
Writing hit songs all night til’ the break of dawn
Yeah yeah, I’m amazing
My ex-women tell me I’m their favorite
But we turnt up, kush blazing
Chilling on the top floor so we faded..YEAH!!!
On a mission to acquire BIG GREEN
That changes my appetite; you know we got BIG DREAMS!!
And tell my Mom QUIT!!! Cos she working like a fiend
Cos soon we’ll get the cream to get her whatever she needs

Repeat Hook

Verse 3
Tryna get this paper til’ its spilling through the ceiling
Call it racks on racks, super tall like a building
So I kick up my drive on some Bill Gates shit
Going super-duper hard, Planet of the Apes shit
Face it, niggas don’t really say shit
Yeah my contents legit, go-head just take a pic
Still in the frame of propelling the name
So I rock my own hats, own gear, all that
No lies, we just state facts
Fake friends, no please stay back
Pretty women always be where we at
Came from the Motherland, but yall know that
Yall got to understand that money don’t make a man
But grinding all day and all night for his fam
So stick to what you’re good at and make it your own regime
Instead of trying really hard to kill somebody else’s dream

Repeat Hook Til Fade

Verse 1
The path to success never just comes overnight
You got to struggle with some little muscle and just time it right
Always stay strong when you come to face adversity
Never think to give up if things ain’t working so perfectly
Patience is “Key” which opens doors of opportunity
And every day’s a blessing when you work with God’s essence
Never listen to the haters, freaking under-estimators
Wouldn’t lend a helping hand even if you were their neighbors
So simply got’em off like you owned a light-saber
You’re the new Skywalker, chilling in your own zone
Glooming like a twilight, soon to shine like the sun
Cos ain’t no superstars in the city where I’m from
So i….keep on grinding like miners tryna find diamonds
Ain’t no Prima-donnas or Thomas, I try to keep it honest
So when I spit, my lines be straight just like an Orthodontist
Just remember that talent is similar to Fine Chinas

I will find….my way
And I ain’t gonna stop
I’ll make it to the top
I’ma find….my way
Cant nothing hold me down
One day I’ll have my crown

Verse 2
For the pursuit of happiness, you got to find that catalyst
Something that makes you stronger; that will that feeds your hunger
Like Popeye to his spinach, it’s something you can’t diminish
And each and every minute, we’re setting records like Guinness
Fully committed like sit-ins, I’m never pivot
Came straight from the Motherland, I ain’t scared to admit it
On my triple shift hustle to build empires like Russell
Its survival of the fittest in this world of straight menace
Picture my words like beautiful paintings from Venice
So vivid, marooned in your inner thought this very instant
My state of mind is Angel fine, heavenly so divine
More or less a pre-historic find, ancient Byzantine times
Through trials and tribulations, I know my music will rock nations
Dedicated to this art, I’m never slacking like vacations
Rising to fame and glory, no hater’s barrier can hold me
Leave your spirits uplifted, it’s just the curse of the gifted

Repeat Hook til’ Fade

Verse 1
Through the elapse of time, you can see what’s on my mind
With my visions I cause incisions of wordy cataclysms
On a mission to enlighten, never biting, just steady writing
No need for fighting unless you tryna clash with a titan
Flow like Poseidon so I never really need a hype man
Still underground but I bet the ladies love the piping
Exciting…is how it feels when I grab the steel
Everything I spill is super ill, so you know the deal
The African Conglomerate, every rhyme is immaculate
Everytime I rap on a track, I’m shaq-in attacking it
Hating, you know it’s sacrilege, flip you over like spatulas
To the phony homies, we poppin’ now they act like they know me
Remember when you used to never have shit
Bout now we sippin’ on that pagne, screaming Jeezy adlibs (HAHA)
The fact is, is that I steady practice
Never give up on your dreams if you tryna make the team

You know you ain’t really F-in with my pen right?
I spit game, get change, yeah that sounds right
Never stopping even though you call it sin
And we do this til’ the fin
But this thing has just began…RIGHT!!!!

Verse 2
Struggling just tryna make it, even worse when tryna fake it
Cos real recognize real, so we keep it trill
On the path to perfection with words comprised of action
Mutilating instrumentals til’ plaques are packed on a mantle
Spittin’ flows so hot to handle, crush haters feelings like vandals
Steady making classic hits similar to G.F. Handel
Cos we go hard kinda like a bogard
Never ever gon stop even though we don’t ball
Spittin’ bars that’s so raw, call me head player in charge
Large is how we’re living, confidence straight to the ceiling
Ain’t talking bout the paper but high knowledge, I’m hind-sighted
We grinding like all nighters to blow up like Alqaedas
We praying the Lord life us, these villains is all vipers
Slither through that green grass like snakes just tryna bite us
But we’re venom repellant; tell’em is Heaven that sent us
Knew that I’d be a star from the day I turned seven
Cos now we’re F-in with Spyda, and there ain’t nothing higher

Repeat Hook

Verse 3
Yo….Check the writer for Ebola
Cos being sick is simply in the eyes of the beholder
And you’re cornier
So in my iris, you’re all a part of Isi or Isil
Take my head but you can never take my ice grill
Take my bread and watch the insides my knife spills
Yeah…like a bucket of chum
I get my two cents to the ground
Have the crowd like a club full of bums
Seeing double, got a couple of guns
You’ll be in trouble
I’m a politic, pollinate
Polyrhythm, pile a bait
Pile of bodies who forgot the vig, but they’re a dollar late
Dollar short, lot of talk, not a lot of doing
Everybody building but I spot a lot of ruins
Everybody killing, wishing mother-fuckers pop off
Rappers is smooth criminals, none of them got caught
But rappers is Sami bulls, when one of’em got caught
Hand in a bible, turn a man into fiber
American tale but I’m sailing
Cristopher cross spins
Lips and exhaust that can pull Michelins off rims
With the heat on the corner
Aint nobody acting cool
You’re like the math team back in school
I swing..axes and mash fools half in ghouls
And send…all of these wack acts to casting pools
You ever been up in the belly of a beast as an ulcer
Speak from a beak of a vulture
I feast on the weak in the culture
With the reach of a hulk
Rest in peace, only speak when suppose too

There ain’t no easy way
I know its dark outside
I can see the morning in your eyes
Maybe it’s meant to be
Heaven ain’t a lottery
We will never know until we try

Verse 1
Success….is what we all aim for…in it?
The cars, the clothes, women, accounts just filled with millions
Chilling like villains in villas surely ain’t nothing iller
Keeping up with all the bills, damn right ain’t nothing realer
Yeah…but for starters man we got to work harder
And as a people always treat others as an equal
Be smart, stay educated, save paper for stormy laters
Cos you don’t want to be the one who’s hating on your neighbors
Like a crazy home invader who robs you for all your labor
Now you feeling kinda jumpy like getting shocked from a Taser
A picture perfect image comes with a certain percentage
So it’s best to utilize every option to your advantage
Never taking life for granted cos it’s just not worth the damage
Even under duress circumstances I know that we can manage
G6 conditions is certainly the ambition
Past the stars is the limit, never settle for a gimmick

Repeat the Hook

Verse 2
With Martin Luther’s dream, our thoughts became things
Like having a black president amongst other things
Preaching equal equalities,
leaving in perfect harmony
But still money still kills cos we live in a wack economy
Police still terrorizing black people like genociding
The mission to wipe us out
Like roaches by pesticiding
Involuntary pesterising to get you angry and wilding
Then shoot you and call you violent
and send you straight to the island
Then institutionalize you to get you dumber not wiser
Flood the streets with drugs like Pfizer
I think its time that we rise up
Infiltrate these corporations that sending us to damnation
Before the government’s evil deeds probably destroy this whole nation

Repeat Hook Til Fade

Verse 1
You say you love it but I’m thinking nothing of it
Fronting like you wouldn’t like to suck my dick in public
Boss in this game just like King Koppa man
A fire breathing dragon, call me Bowser spiiting flames
It’s all about change but I’m more about the dollar
Getting ahead in my lane, just call me a road scholar
Feeling super elevated and motivated and some will hate it
That I’m gonna make it, so they go rate it to underrate it
I stays buzzing, I’ma super-fly guy
Perseverance is apparent even if you criticize
Land of the free, never failed to realize
You just stuck to the old ways, call it leaving like a slave
Seen my future from the past like Nostradamus to be honest
Not making the same decisions as my dad man I promise
Prolly build a crib about 4 to 5 floors
Cos the top of the pyramid is what we eye for

Everything will be brighter when I get there
And when I cross that road I’m gonna stay there
I’m getting closer with every hour yeah everyday
Closer to my dreams

Verse 2
I’m from the land where kids get napped and the women get rapped
Villages get pillaged; I guess I was over privileged
Cos now we’re in the states and we’re living kinda safe
Without the crazy militias just tryna run up in your space
It’s a miserable life living every day in fright
Not to know when death is coming just like a thief in the night
Living on borrowed time like rocking your friends watch
Praying God could come and save you
Cos this world is just unable
So….how could you dream when your thoughts are intervened
With things like Mr. Lee Harvey Oswald’s in the scene
Back stabbers who act dapper but try to whack ya
And the Kat Stackers who smash actors but try to snatch ya
A focused mind is how you’ll surely survive
With no broken pride, cos you could end up drowned in the tide
But dreams of getting cream is all we seem to fantasize
Living in nightmares, just tryna escape alive

Repeat Hook

Verse 3
My dreams is something you can’t extinguish
I’m headed straight for the top, never stopping til I see the finish
Always rhyming so fresh, no need to visit the denist
Steady cooking up that work, hustling like a street chemist
With these words, I’m a menace, might as well just call me Dennis
Terrorize your enterprise, dropping bombs like I’m playing tennis
Flows clean with blemish, no critic could ever tarnish
Still tryna hate on my shine, like voodoo you getting vanished
Yo Soy El Rey, you know it, just speaking Spanish
My Queen’s from Queens, so gully she’ll swing
Like Boom then Bada Bing, Mohammed up in the ring
And you know it’s never over til the fat lady sings
On my Triple Fat Goose flow, rhymes tighter than a poop hole
If I ain’t the freaking nicest, then gas never jack prices
Triple 6’s like the Mafia when I roll up on them dices
Call me Evil Knievel cos that sums up what my life is

Repeat Hook Til Fade

Verse 1
When you turn up on the radio you hear the samething
Every rapper thinks they’re different but they spit the same game
Same line, same flow, that’s just how the story goes
Feeling like a roller coaster or riding a rodeo
Every line is bout the diamonds or the commas or designers
How you stunting with the hoes cos your out at Benihanas
Can’t even tell the time cos your ish just shines to blindness
And your dimes always the finest cos your living like a highness
Man this game needs some change or this shit will stay the same
It’s time to enlighten the youth and quit that lying in the booth
Preach aspirations instead of false expectations
Like the corny looney toons flowing through the air stations
Like BURR, WOO, DAMN, OH GOD, ain’t that condemnation
Using HIS NAME in vain, man this shit is such a shmae
I bet you, if they listened, they’ll prolly just say I’m hating
Then quit the wacky rhymes, say what’s really on your mind


Verse 2
Ain’t nothing new, not even the news
My people, keep being shot like they’re being pursued
The powers abused, cos we’re dealing with the bastards
So I’m turning Nat Turner, getting my Masters
Hitting the books, before they throw the book at me
Cos class work and street work, get you different degrees
They say, go and get the cream, so I found me a method
It’s funny, you need Benjamins to keep the electric
So I’m holding it down, not playing around
Cos they shooting, HANDS UP, rest in peace Mike Brown
Another Black kid dead, another body at rest
But I guess, if it’s not a THOT, we don’t care if it leaves
RAP needs to step, baby pull the alarm
Do it have to be a kid for you to write’em a song
Can you enlighten the track, when you rhyming on wax
Are you that dude that move smooth and put a knife in our back

Repeat Hook Til Fade

Rolling round town
With the system pumping sounds
Yeah you know how we roll
With no diamonds or the gold
Just being simple

Verse 1
Uh…here we go again
Brand new rap with a little bit of swang
Sippin on a juice, with a little bit of gin
So when I say lobster, you can say shrimp
Uh…here we go again
Super-duper fly, heading straight up to the sky
Cocaine fresh, kinda like a super spy
Lighting up the spliff, so you know I stay high
Ain’t no doubt about it
P. Miller swag, so you know I’m bout it bout it
Pretty model chick with a hot little body
Say she wanna take a sip of my hot toddy
So I took her to the crib, now she know just how I live
Said I did it real big, real sick, ridiculous
Took her to my room, said she’s feeling ticklish
Skin so soft, tasting like sone licorice

Repeat Hook

Verse 2
Uh…here we go again
The rap’s still ill, man you’ll prolly catch a chill
Tryna get the mills with a deal or no deal
And cop a crib in Beverly and stay up in the Hills
It’s how I really feel
Got to get it how you live it so you know I stay trill
Got a wood grain flow but no diamonds on my grill
Desert Eagle rhyme skills, so you now I kill bills
Yeah the ladies know the deal
They call me Big Willy cos I Lex’em with the Steel
Girls wanna have fun, I keep on giving’em a thrill
Now we chillin’ up in Philly, prolly end up in Brazil
Slow mo rolling in a Cadillac Deville
While the bass bump loud, Frank Ocean, Whip Appeal
Headed to the tippy but don’t call it Jack or Jill
And to the haters man, we know just how you feel

Repeat Hook Til Fade

Verse 1
I remember the days…..when everything was really really good
At least that’s what I saw from my neck of the woods
My dad was in the navy, my mama had a business
A hair and nail salon, at that time it was the bomb
We never lacked the paper cos my dad a steady chaser
Yeah he running to the money even when it wasn’t sunny
Talking first class trips, the latest in fly whips
And yeah he rode a beemer never had to get a nina
A martial arts champ, fighting in all arenas
Murking all opponents with kicks like Benzema
From Japan to France, all the way to Amsterdam
The first man to bring a Sensei to the Motherland
He always thought me never trust a man but shake his hands
Cos when worst comes to worst, the same man can split your hand
So live for your family and do what’s right
Cos the haters stay lurking, hungry, ready to bite

Yeah my dad always said
Don’t worry, everything will be okay
Kay, kay, be okay
Whatever comes running our way, way way,
Running our way
Everything will be okay,
Kay, kay, Be okay

Verse 2
I remember the days….when we didn’t have a place to stay
From 1-1-2, straight up to Mile 2
To 24 Road with my homie Lokoson
Times was hard, way colder than Cole’s shoulders
But looking bummy man was never really funny
Plus I never had a job, so I didn’t have the money
The bread winner never came home with the dinner
He was out there living his life, the Born Sinner
The newspapers said he was a big deal
Got a big ole contract worth 70 mill
But can’t show nothing for it, he prolly spent it all
Splurge around the world with them silly little girls
Rocked the latest trends like the diamonds and the pearls
And while his fam suffered, man, can’t even find supper
Shit….can’t blame my mom for leaving his ass
Should have been way more responsible by being a real dad

Yeah my mom always said
Don’t worry, everything will be okay
Kay, kay, be okay
Whatever comes running out way
Way, way, running our way
Everything will be okay
Kay, kay, be okay

Verse 3
Steady chasing this dream ever since I was a teen
Living life by the motto of get it by any means
So I…stopped going to college to get a freaking degree
I simply risked it and skipped it cos this life ain’t just for me
Of working a 9 to 5 and rocking a suit and tie
Where every day is a struggle, you’re hustling to get by
All of your frame of mind is working until you die
Just so your friends and your fam could call you the fucking man
Rather keep making music, regret it if I don’t use a
Talent given by God, you see it, it’s no mirage
Put my life in my rhymes, I live it, its no façade
Trying to live out my dreams by quitting this dead end job
But as….much as I hate it I’m still at this 9 to 5
Rocking this suit and tie, just hustling to get by
Just trying to help my fam see I can’t slave for Uncle Sam
So I’ll….just keep on rocking, no stopping, til’ I get popping

Just living life day by day
Knowing that everything will be okay,
Kay, kay, be okay
Whatever comes running my way
Way, way, running my way
I know everything will be okay
Kay, kay, be okay

My heart’s starting to bleed, baby please stay
But if you still want to leave, I’ll stay out of your way
I hope in time you’ll see that I need you babe
Cos your love’s starting to feel so far away

Verse 1
Damn…man this shit is full of pressure and pain
It’s kind of like I’m really going insane
It’s like I can’t even think
My thoughts flushed down in a sink
Through the drain, pouring down like rain
Trying hard to maintain cos you got my heart stained
With that sweet love, a feeling from up above
That got me sky high; I’m feeling just like a dove
Cos you’re a straight fit like a handyman to a glove
And now I’m straight wishing you never went missing
Got my heart broke, yeah you got me reminiscing
Of the days we stayed up late nights just kissing
Cos now you’re just distant and ain’t trying to listen
To the words I be spitting
So you pack up and leave me in misery
Uh…. I know you’re one call away
So I’m just hoping you believe when I say
You believe when I say

Repeat Hook

Verse 2
Taking flights on them paper planes, like I’m in Taylor Gang
Help me ease the pain and shame I feel in my brain
Girl I wish I didn’t hurt you, I was just deranged
Straight up battling fame, instead of being your man
Trying to get in the game wasn’t that easy for me
And I trying to make excuses but girl you loved the chains
Rings and all the blings, living like Louis Lane
Driving in different lanes, and you never complained
Remember when we used to never have nothing
Was always spitting bars trying to lock up on something
Try to get shows and the promoters straight bluffing
And all the cash I had couldn’t buy a freaking muffin
But now we have something, made it straight out of nothing
But you’re still in my face all day staright cursing
I guess I couldn’t give you the attention you deserve

Repeat Hook

I need you baby
If it’s quite alright
I need you baby
To warm the lonely nights
I love you baby
Trust in me when I say OKAY!

I need you baby
If it’s quite alright
I need you baby
To warm the lonely nights
I love you baby
But you feel So Far Away!

See these haters keep hating on me
Cos these bitches want a nigga like me
Even though they know I’m nobody
They still want to ride with me

Verse 1
Steady debating if I will make it or work for Satan
Cos it seems my dreams have let me blatantly forsaken
And now I’m aching like my first name was Clay
Cos life’s hard come around my way
Know what I’m saying
So I get on my knees, asking the Lord please
Would he just show me a way?
So that I could simply stay on this…planet earth
Cos living in it be the worst man
Without the money honey man them days is never sunny
Hustling trying to survive without a loud growling tummy
In a world where fashion kills, man my style is looking bummy
My rap skills like crack pills
Straight ecstasy, who’s best? that’s me
Bar for bar most definitely
Yeah I got the recipe
For yall corny little raps, I cyclone crush attack
I jump kick smack your whole pack
But regardless of the odds, man I trust in God
To give me the light, so I can shine through the dark

Repeat Hook

Verse 2
It’s funny how people hate it cos they know you going to make it
The spirit of God’s within me, so they don’t offend me
Just trying to chase the dreams like the WU was chasing cream
The money, the paper, get a crib with a couple of acres
Or maybe own some horses, black and cherry Porsches
But of course it’s never cautious if you’re riding and you’re feeling nauseas
We’re living that fast life
We end up just paying a bad price
Better prepare twice
Sinning and winning, we give in to grab a slice
Of this glamorous life
Instagraming, snapping captions, it’s the life we captioned
Yeah, we’re living a dream of acts with tactics
But you live and your learn
The haters just know it and want you to burn
Cos their lazy lives ain’t just as nice as Baby’s ice
Ain’t afraid of heights, cos one day, we all will fade to Christ
So homie count your blessing, cos the essence ain’t the stressing
Yeah…and I’ma stay on my grind
And with time, I know I’m destined to shine
I’m fine.

Verses and Hooks 2


Will I ever really make it in the game?
Or will I just put my family to shame
Or will I just make the fans yell the name
Make them scream like they’re mentally insane
Will I make it through the struggle and the pain?
Like fighting for what’s right shout out to Martin Luther King
We came through the boats with the diamonds and gold ropes
But they locked us in cold chokes and robbed us of our hope
And this hope man, is all we really have
Cause you can kill my body but you can’t kill that
And that’s that, just as a matter of fact
And every day I wake homie I’m proud to be black
So Imma keep pushing to the F*in limits
Pass the skies and the moons and the stars
Rapping so nice you yelling the son of God
Leave your haters saying, MAN! This kid just go hard
So hard I’m blowing up like a volcano
Never pipe down like your girl straight drainO
Only thing that’s left for me to do is get a halo
Cause they know that I’m better than any rapper that they know
Cause they know that I’m the ish Carlito
Might as well just call me the New Hip Hop HERO
Steady hustling for that Deniro
Cause living in America, you gotta be like Remo.

The Illest

Hook (3 times)
Now tell me who be spit spit spittin’
Kid from the motherland, other rappers be trippin’

Verse 1
Now sit back and listen, to the rhymes I be kicking
I’ve been waiting to make it, spitting vowels hotter than baking
Its History in the making, the flow is simply amazing
The fans are anticipating, the haters be speculating
But I pay’em no mind, my time they can’t find
On a mission of getting riches, Middle finger these bitches
Still spit the sickest, rhyming sounding relentless
Never stopping or opting on taking on another path
So I spazz, on the track, and attacking every instrumental
Going so freaking hard like I’m reppin straight from the ghetto
Living up in the meadows but chilling like I’m Costello
Frivolous life styles, getting WILD!!! Can’t just be mellow
So I, keep it going, going, sippin’ on Don P
With pretty models with hot bodies chilling besides me
Still on the paper chase status, trying to blow up like Gladys
Can’t say that I’m the best, But I’m slicker than your average

Repeat Hook Til’ Fade

Sounds of the Motherland

So Put Your Hands In The Air
Wave’em Side to Side Like You Just Don’t Care
You Gettin’ Down To the Sounds of the Motherland
You Are Gettin’ Down To the Sounds of the Motherland
So Put Your Fist Up, yeah them drinks too
Light the weed up, you know how we do
You gettin’ down to the Sounds of the Motherland
You are getting’ down the Sounds of the Motherland

Verse 1
You hear that bass drum, screaming like King Kong
Kickin’ them Fire Flames, something like Feilong
Who spittin’ new raps with African Boom-Baps
They’re wondering who’s that, I’m bringing the roots back
It’s none other, kid from the mother-
Land of all brothers, the first to get discovered
Everyime we spittin’ ain’t no one can get above us
And leave the ladies screaming cos you know they simply love us
Yep Yep they love us, like Mister Lover Lover
Mmmm….Straight to the Teli and we going under cover
Mmmm….and when I hit it yeah you know I use a rubber
Mmmm….and I’ma beat it til’ it’s heated like the summer
Not Not Not a Cassanova but my Papa was a Roller
Got a lot of birdies so I’m sticking to the culture
Straight to the money like tham La Cosa Nostras
In it to win it so I bag it up like Oprah

Repeat Hook

Verse 2
So Jeka Jo til the early early mornings
Cos we Yoruba people yeah we party like its nothing
Spend a lot of money while you prolly think it’s something
Million dollar parties and stunting in all Ferraris
We spray them papers on women’s faces like make-up
So get your umbrella, bout to be a stormy weather
Like you singing ella ella, it’s raining chedda chedda
Now she looking really pretty like her name is Cindarella
Get in the Groove, don’t matter if you ain’t Stella
And just eat some Jollof and sip on some Amaretto
Or maybe just Egusi, if you prefer to eat Eba
However way you want it man, we got it til November
I’m bringing CHANGE like my father was from Kenya
Don’t mean to interrupt but I’m gon’ be here forever
So get used to this brand new agenda
Hope you got generators cos you can’t depend on NEPA

Repeat Hook Til Fade

Do For You

Whatever scene you want to see
Whatever dream you ever dreamed
I’ll make come true
Just name whatever car you like
As long as you just bring me for the ride. I’ll get that too
Giving all of my hear so please baby don’t play no games
And that’ll never ever change, all I’m tryna say
Ain’t a thing I wouldn’t Do for YOU!!!

Verse 1
Before the check and the fame
All she really wanted was my last name
Put her to the side, Ignoring her was a damn shame
Must have been something, still up in my brain
Cause now I drown my sorrows in bottles of champagne
Making it rain like running a campaign
Hiding my true feelings behind all these damn chains
Acting like she never mattered blinded by the limelight
Popping bottles with sexy models living that crown life
Yea, Call me a King what I say gets the crowd hype
Should’ve made her my Queen now looking in hind sight
And I don’t normally do this I’ll prolly be sound foolish
Tried to love her to the fullest, but put it on my to do list
Now I feel so stupid, my actions were kind of ghoulish
And I never meant to do this or either make you go through this
So baby girl let’s just make this up with love
I’ll provide you with all and the above
No matter what…

Repeat Hook

So now we taking trips to Milan, shopping over in France,
All the way back to N.Y.C
Riding in first class, no sedans, money stacks in my pants
Giving her everything that she needs, cos its plain to see
That She Got It…..Silly of me to ever think
That I Doubted……But now I know your love is so true

And I Need It
We walking hand in hand, I know I’m just a man
But heaven is where I stand
So you know we fly highwe than a sky Jetta
Just looking in her eyes I realize that’s why I met her
For better or worse, the gift and the curse
I’m loving her forever till I’m 6 feet in the dirt
So whenever you need that shoulder to lean on
I’ll be that rock and never play you like theme songs
Cause she’s the most beautiful thing in this world
And I’m glad that she is my baby girl.

Repeat Hook Til Fade

Rarri, Mazzi, Jag

Hook (2ce)
Catch me in a Rarri, or the Mazzi, or the Jag
Ca..Ca..Catch me in a Rarri, or the Mazzi, or the Jag (2ce)
When we pulling down the street, you see the haters getting mad

Verse 1
Catch me in a Rarri, or the Mazzi, or the Jag
And I’m looking so fly like a fresh pair of Vans
Wearing Rock’N’Roll ice like a rapper in a band
I’m never Big Meech, but I’m his greatest fan
So you know we live the life like we were part of the fam
Spending money, gettin’ honies with friends who ain’t no dummies
Call us the game plan, got those taxes Uncle Sam
Leaving larger than life, we the IMAX Gang
On that Henny and Bacardi, my lifestyles like a Bugatti
The ladies in the party are dressed in that fly Armani
And all the pretty Mamis are gettin’ a little naughty
So you know what’s going down, but I ain’t telling nobody
These puny rap spittas, they talking that Diamante
Come roll with a G, I’m classy like a Ferrari
And ride in my big body Mazzi or the Jag
When we rollin’ down the street, you see them haters getting mad

Repeat Hook

Verse 2
Ayo, You Catch me in a Rarri, or the Mazzi, or the Jag
Or that Lac’, black on black, couple chickens in the back
Shockin’ chick, she on my lap, like she tryna bob for abs
At that light tryna splash before the light turns grass
Yeah, she likes my charisma, that’s just Jersey Swag
So she knows she looks good when I say she bad
Im in that fresh 9s everytime I push the Jag
So call me David Garrad every time I pass
These dudes they wanna talk money til’ it comes to gas
And then they wonder why their baby momma in my bag
I’m gettin’ smashed like Jersey plates, that’s front and back
I make it rain on a pussy, call it Thunder Cat
Now she on my heels, like a sandals strap
Because the kid stay fresher than a sandwich bag
And the punchlines like Manny Pac
So I don’t have to write, I just left hand the track

Repeat Hook Til Fade


Chillin’ in the back of a Bach
Never Lac’, Sippin’ gnac, and we smokin’ that LALA!!!
Maryjane got me feeling like Mike
So I might simply just take flight on that LALA!!!
And we smokin’ on the best of weeds
That purple train gives me ecstasy, we love that LALA!!!
And if you choke, then you know its good smoke
So puff-pass homie take tokes of that LALA!!!

Verse 1
Uh…Roll’em up them ignite it
Feeling good, you can see that I’m excited
Got a buzz and I ain’t tryna fight it
Kimbo Lice with the mic so don’t try it
Yeah….we smokin’ pounds of that grass
Never a dull moment when we chillin’ with her ass
I stays high, guess I’m in that upper class
And I’m a freshman, guess my time be running fast
So fast but I’m tryna make it last
So I hit that bong, got my chest banging like King Kong
Spittin’ fire flames, better ring the alarm
This that theme song, better yet call it that weed song
Cos WE ON!!! Always stay elevated
Shout out to all the haters who underestimated
Cos now we made, yeah homie WE MAJOR!!!
Already faded so you can never fade us

Repeat Hook

Verse 2
Uh….B52s to the Big Buds
Blue Mystic, Bubble Gum, Buddha
We smokin’ spliffs like a gun range shooter
And just like bullets, kush go right THRU YA!!!
In Hawaii smokin’ Maui
Chillin’ on the beach with some freaks is where you find me
Pretty redbones like to smoke that bomb weed
Now we lip-syncing in the showers like some Siamese
Homie you know what the time be
Just peep the Breitling surrounded by some bright things
Catch me in a fresh ass Bapes and some Ice Creams
Always rockin’ nice things, aint it so exciting
We living on that Jet Li status
Always kick it high, no jumping apparatus
We living lavish, smokin’ like a freaking attic
Shout out to Nate Dogg, we puffin’ til’ the casket

Slow Flow

Verse 1
I stay fly like I’m kitted up
Marsh mellow flow, yeah I’m bout to heat it up
Like King James in the range, yeah I’m beasted up
Always stay focused, cameras exhibit us
The art form similar to salty popcorn
Cos haters break sweat when I spit that flame fret
And I’m the main vet, and you ain’t main yet
Like big bullies in high school, you’s a lame threat
Uh…we countin’ money like it rain checks
No illuminati, GOD got my soul and body
Uh…in the driver’s seat, never riding shotty
Make my own lane, never chillin’ in the lobby
I’m in this game for pinks, so watch out everybody
Like a placed bet, least you’ll do is second prolly
Uh…so as a man, I know you’ll understand
That your time is up and mine just began

Hook (2ce)
We in this thing, watch the people sing
Crowd’s so loud, everybody go insane
Surfing thru the clouds, smoking purple train
Headed to the fame, so don’t forget the name

Verse 2
I’m bumping my shit ridin’ dolo
Bad all by myself, the face ain’t scared though
Uh…the lifestyles like Gallardo
Super dupa fast, hit the gas, call it pronto
My rhymes body-slam lames, you could think I’m macho
Man I’m so savage, yeah the bars straight honcho
Uh…I’m in this game tryna get the fam
Money, cars, clothes, definitely O’s
So I’m racing to the tippy top
With straight Nos, like a blast from the past
Know I’m getting first cos I’m not seeing last
So haters pipe down or your ass will be grass
Yeah you know they straight phony
Tryna crush a man’s dreams, so they feed’em all bologna
So I ’ma tell’em like my Mama told me
Just leave’em all behind, its your time to SHINE!!!

Repeat Hook Til Fade

Destined To Shine

Verse 1
Have you ever heard a brother rhyme fly like this
So sharp like cactus, might just make your back twist
Cos I bet you never heard nothing just quite like this
It pops just like cris, takes a little practice like this
Im something like an ice cold wrist
So bright I write hits and I know you like this
Chillin’ like a villain I’m feeling like Brad Pitt
Cos I’m going back to when rap was all about tactics
You can the lines, ain’t spittin’ no wackiness
I spillin’ raps that’s packed with triple phatness
You can’t re-enact this, this that one of a kind ish
That be bumpin’ thru your speakers, just something to ride with
Now we looking for LABELS to sign with
Cos I got that pen skill that’s definitely timeless
So right now I go hard and chow later
Headed to the mountain top like elevators

Hook (2ce)

Verse 2
The grind never stops like an extended railing
Yeah, I’m motivated and never thinking of failing
I know I’m gon’ make it regardless of what they’re saying
Cos the proof is in the pudding, so taste it before you hate it
I know I never say this but I’m thinking I’m the greatest
Cos the kid’s so nice, the flows make you think twice
The rhymes and the bars all for the same price
Like a little bit of spice and dice in one slice
They tryna bring me down cos they see me take flight
And the rest of’em suckas are busy peddling bikes
But I’ma breeze thru’em like they need some respiration
Cos we never get played like their favorite radio stations
Yeah, shout out to every nation
Cos we bout to be the topic on their favorite publication
So right now I go hard and chow later
Headed to the mountain top like elevators

Repeat Hook

Verse 3
With every single step I ’ma show you how much I’m worth
Busy working on this campus that most of you call Earth
Been clever ever since birth, cos I’m here to get mine
The weather never gets worse, cos I’m here to make it shine
Went from…. Underrated, not giving a chance to hate it
Dropping a couple projects, becoming one of your favorites
And every moment a savor, cos it only happens once
Ain’t no need to get it tailored, I ‘ma only rock it once
This wardrobe of life, I’ll give you my shoes
They say just walk in’em, you feel every single bruise
So I choose to never lose, I grew with every move
I’m cool, I’m never rude, that dude just got a groove
Getting high off of music, no wonder it feels nice
No wonder is feels right, when I go and sit and write
Cos my future’s so bright, its already taking flight

Repeat Hook Til Fade


Hook (2ce)
You know that you’re my baby
Something bout you got me going crazy
I think about you everyday
You are the star that shines bright in my eyes
Oooh baby!!!

Verse 1
She summer time fine, so pretty and divine
Making everybody stare like here’s a fine dime
Wishing I could press rewind, the way she twists and wine
Got me feeling like Q-Tip on Bonita Apple Bum
Uh…., I think about my lady all the time
Yeah she prolly running track and hurdles all in my mind
I’m fascinated by the way she stay so flagrant
Smoking the competition’s position with such precision
Making her my girl was the best of my decisions
Cos I never knew she’d be the one to just keep me from slipping
Into them places with people with different faces
The cheaters, the liars, I’m a lover not a fighter
Just being around her makes me feel so higher
She’ll be forever the woman that I desire
Man I glad that I got her in my life
Cos hopefully one day man, she’ll prolly be my wife

Repeat Hook

Verse 2
Pretty young thing, shine like a Super Bowl ring
Everytime we get under covers we do the grown thing
And you’ll be moaning and screaming my name
On the top of your lungs you’ll be going insane
I put it down like a grown man, similar to Conan
Got you feeling weezy girl, you like OH MAN!!!
Since you came into my life, you’ve been doing it right
I bet you never find another who be nice with slice
My neck, my back,
Got me on top and you hit it super-fast
Get it from the side and you always stay on track
Hit it from the back while we chillin’ in the Lac’
As a matter of fact, we can do it in the back of the Bach
Relax while we sip gnac
And smoke trees while we chillin’ overseas
Living in paradise, sippin’ bubbly in Belize

Repeat Hook Til’ Fade

Where I Wanna Be

Verse 1
I don’t mean to be rude
But girl this ain’t no rocket science
Baby you plus me
Is gravity defiant
Baby I’m an OnStar
When I’m travelling home
With loves direction,
I ain’t never gonna roam on you

I don’t need a GPS, I don’t need a map
Ooh baby your love, is where I wanna be at
You’re where I wanna be, I wanna be,
I wanna be yours
Ooh baby your love, is where I wanna be at

Verse 2
Yeah…can’t think of any better place
Wrapped around your arms, staring at your pretty face
The feeling so appealing just can’t let it go to waste
So I place it in my heart cos I know that it’ll be safe
Addicted to your love has got me high like a drug
Feels so special it’s like it came from above
Just like a stain I couldn’t get rid off
So I let it settle like my words on instrumentals
Yeah…don’t mean to be detrimental
Like smokes in your lungs from hits from long bongs
Rather keep you warm with coats from Sean John
And if you trust me, your pains will be long gone
Yeah…you know you’re my number one right
Never treat you wrong, always treat you all right
I know they’re pretty ladies all around the world
But I rather be here with my favorite girl
Yeah…and that’s WORD!!!

Repeat Hook
Verse 3
Yeah….she must be an angel
Heavenly love she got around my angle
Feeling so blessed, she takes away the stress
Pain and shame these haters putting on my name
Yeah….don‘t mean to call the Lord in vain
But goddam she’s so hot it’s insane
Belly full of butterflies every time she comes around
And you know I show her off when we go all over town
Yeah….and my smiles never turn to frowns
Always keeps me happy like a king with a shiny crown
Was once lost but finally found
Cos now I got her in my life I’m never leaving now
Yeah…you know you’re my number one right
Never treat you wrong, always treat you all right
I know they’re pretty ladies all around the world
But I rather be here with my favorite girl
Yeah…and that’s WORD!!!

Repeat Hook Til fade


Verse 1
Got one life to live so I’ma spend it to the fullest
Never settle for nothing less but just the best
Spittin’ them hot rhymes til’ the day I’m put to rest
Always underestimated but F-it I know I’ll make it
Cos the pen skill’s so so evident
Might as well show me an artist you think is better than
Me….yeah you know I spill stampedes
Yep, crushing yous lines, been nice since the 89s
Forever going hard, I’m feinding for the limelight
Put my faith in God, I know he’ll get the time right
Cos at the right time I’m skipping them white lines
Put my family in a better place sippin’ white wine
Yeah….man we haeded to the bright signs
Lights, camera, action, riding in an Aston
And we’ll always be rocking the latest fashion
Straight out from the heart, so you know I got a passion

And they just hate it cos we made it
And seems we made it they can’t take it
But I’m just feeling so elated
Cos now we major
And they can never fade us

Verse 2
We’re fighting wars on terror, the end getting so nearer
Leaders want that top spot like a fitted New Era
So they steady misleading the people with propaganda
Dumb silly agendas, getting mixed like a blender
Soldiers are trained on that “No Retreat, No Surrender”
Allegiance to the flag, yeah they live that shit forever
So they do as they’re told like double O
Even if it’s killing their own, you’ll never know
Sinuous things they do in the name of “WORLD POWER”
AMERICA!!! Etcetera, Etcetera
With no shame they cause a lot of pain
The government’s exploitation for a gain
So while you risk it all fighting for your country
They’re on a beach with some freaks living comfy
So open your eyes and read between the lines
And soon you’ll realize these people are full of lies

End of Days
Verse 1
Criminals be finding them ways to get paid
So the lead little high school kids all astray
And tell’em baking them rocks will make’em straight cake
So they never have to work for that silly minimum wage
So now they sling rocks and chill in them hot spots
And they learn to never stop when they’re running from the cops
Cos then they get locked and trapped up in the system
Never find a job even if they pray to God
Or laying on the sidewalk brains blown to bits
All in the name of feeding them fiends straight hits
Cos now you got hits from multiple mag clips
Now you lying in a ditch like damn life’s a bitch
So please stay away from them phony and fakes
Cos when you finally go to sleep, they’ll never be at your wake
So walk the right path and keep your family safe
Don’t make the wrong turns or else you gon’ burn

These streets are filled with violence
And people have no kindness
So what else can I say; but just for you to pray
We are going straight to the end of days

Verse 2
We need to help each other
Save ourselves from hurting one another
Strive to survive, stop living that white lie
That put you behind bars like sniffing them white pies
Uh……so my people stand high
You could live a good life without stereotype eyes
A living success, you living that fam life
And not fiends in the street cos you feed them that crack pipe
All you got to do is just work hard for yours
Go to college, get the knowledge, you’ll finally get acknowledged
When you walking down the street people address you like a man
And not a “N-Bomb” which isn’t part of the plan
Start a career or rap you’ll get fans
You got to spit right though, don’t want to suck like typos
So once again just stand firm
Do the right thing or else you gon’ burn

Repeat Hook til’ fade


Verse 1
Uh…..paranoia is a number one destroyer
I hear voices tryna make me make choices
Like kill this mother fucker sitting on your couch
Thinking everything is his when he comes into your house
I’m like nah but I’m chilling like a villain though
Peep his every move like I’m plotting on his funeral
It’s time for you to go before I change my reason yo
Get you boxed in like you sitting at a cubical
Sinister things got me in-between
Heading on the right path or sinful delight’s rath
Hanging on this crossroads, I know it just might pass
Demons want my soul, I’m hoping I fight back
Cos temptation is the strongest damnation
The money, the cars, the girls, the world
So please God save me from this revelation
Bless me with everlasting salvation

Paranoia is a number one destroyer
I hear voices tryna make me make choices
Demons in my brain tryna make me go insanse(3ce)

Verse 2
Tryna escape this nightmare so I try to blink fast
Damn it’s not working, man they tryna get my ass
Sounds of this demons growling all in my ears
My body’s getting the shivers; I’m trembling up in fear
I try to run but I keep slowing down
Feels like there’s something just pulling me underground
Screaming the Lord’s name but my voice can’t be found
Absolutely terrified like falling free in the sky
It feels so real and nothing just like a dream
Making my worst fears looking more than what it seems
Call me a fiend; I hear things in the shadows
I think somebody’s watching; them stares deep in them hollows
Are these the days of my very last glass
Or am I just talking shit outta my ass
So once again Lord I’m begging for your protection
Bless me and put me on the right direction

Repeat hook til fade

On My Way

Hustle on my feet like a G
On the streets for the cheese
Try to get something to eat right now
So I turn up the beat with the bass certainly
And I start to just right things down
Got to strive to survive
Smoking getting high
Try to fly to the starry skies
On my knees and I pray that the words that I lay
Will one day help me say
I’m on my way

Verse 1
Can’t wait for the day when I make it
I prolly won’t be able to explain it
How I feel that is; prolly elated
Cos at that time, we touching down in first class
Private flights, the skies just shine bright
But now we catching economic and we eat at Sonic
And we struggle just to go to college to acquire knowledge
Writing raps from where my heart is cos that is what makes an artist
But the people still sleeping on the kid
They forgot their track shoes, leave me hanging like cashews
Only time they try to listen when they hear them wack dudes
Singing piggy back tunes, ain’t that shit some bad news
But regardless man we headed to the top straight tippy
Don’t give a “F” if you really gon’ miss me
King with a crown so blahoo, just bow down
Thank the Lord for his blessings, now I rhyme with essence

Repeat Hook

Verse 2
Hustle every day for that paper
Working real hard, hopefully to get a major
Living life straight, no need for lazy chasers
Indiana Pacer, hoop for dreams baby
Working like slave just to provide for the fam
Well I guess you can say it’s part of being a man
But on the other hand, I don’t simply to understand
How you help a man and ends up biting tour hand
And people take advantage but yet we still manage
I guess it’s the way of the world
I hope you don’t end up with Karma being your girl
Cos then you gon’ end up sailing on Black Pearl
Don’t have a lot of cake but still we celebrate
With pretty white witches who don’t care for riches
Still fiending for the diamonds and the gold
So watch me work at it and you know I’m finna blow

Repeat Hook Til Fade

Vanity… maybe insanity,
is what I feel as this chick just abandons me
In this cold world, without a blanket
I pray I survive, with this single matchstick
Cause she stole my lighter and she stole my heart
Now my heart’s on fire, cause she’s the spark
And now darkness, is what surrounds me
With these crazy thoughts might lead me to tragedy
I keep a straight face, but deep down I’m torn
Screaming through my eyes tears ragging like a storm
She wants the best, I want success
So we suck less, try to live above stress
Wanna be happy, but I make her sad
So I guess I’ll leave, I know I got it bad
Gave her my life, like I signed up for war
But filled her with spite and got nothing at all

Sometimes I wish I could die
Cause of how I feel inside
So for now I’m jus gone ride
Till I reach those bright blue skies

I feel so ashamed, for my crazy actions
Never meant to hurt her just self-satisfaction
But now she’s gone feeling kind of scorned
Thought I could save us, instead she got the razor
So slit my wrists already or poke me in the belly
Cause either way I’ll die turning purple like a berry
Silly mistake that should have never happened
But as a man I thought with my little man
Instead of being a fan of the things that we really had
Staying committed, I lied, should’ve admitted
The first time it happened she choked me out my sleep
Suspicious of those text messages that I might keep
Now everyday I’m sad cause I know I lost her
Try to stay true but labeled an imposter
Feelings filled with pain memories down the drain
Forever will I love her she’ll never feel the same.

Sometimes I wish I could die
Cause of how I feel inside
So for now I’m just gone ride
Till I reach those bright blue skies

Verses and Hooks

Verses And Hooks 1
Intro (Lyrics)
It’s The Kid From The Motherland
DanO!………Yeah………Uh Huh
Look, Ya’ready Know How The Shit Gon’ Go Like

Hook (First 2 Bars 3ce Then Last Bar 2ce)
Said I’m Never Gon’ Give Up
Never Gon’ Stop, Til’ I Die Before I Let Up

Never Gon’ Stop, Til’ I Die Before I Let Up

Verses 1
Yeah….Man These Hating Ass Niggas Tryna Stop My Shine, Tryna Stop My Get Up
Tryna Stop My Grind, Tryna Stop My Set Up
Well Fuck You Niggas, Cos I’m Never Gonna Let Up
Yeah…..And Ima Get This Money, Ima Get These Honies
Living Life Real Fast, Cos The Plain Real Sunny
See Me Crack A Smile Witchu Phony Ass Dummies
But Ain’t Shit Funny
Yeah…..And I’ma Go Hard
That’s Why I Aim High, Cos I’m Reaching For The Stars
Dem Niggas Try To Copy, But They Cloney Ass Sloppy
Call Themselves God Like A Guru-Maharaji
They Can’t Stop Me, Neither Can They Knock Me
Hustle So Hard, Might As Well Just Call Me Rocky
And Like A Jungle, I Want The green So Highly
Never Playing Games, So You Know I Ain’t Serani
Cos I Do This In My Sleep Like A Hobby
So You Never Find Me At The Bottom Like A Lobby
I’m Never Choppy, Maybe A Little Cocky
Cos I’m The Shit, And I’m Too Legit To Quit

Repeat Hook
It’s the Kid From The Motherland
DanO! Yeah…. Ya’ready Know How The Shit Gon’ Go Like…..

HEY! (Feat. Diggs)

One time for your mind
If you know you’re doing fine
Getting money all the time like
G5 is how we be
Cos we flying overseas
Getting high we smokin’ trees like
And to all the pretty girls
That I’ve seen around the world
Cos you shine just like a pearl
And we popping Chandon
Like the homie Big Sean
Cos you know that we the bomb

Verse 1

OKAY! Here we go
All the ladies going crazy soon as we step thru the door like HEY!
Cos they know we got the cheese
So they buzzin’ like some bees
And they all up on my B’s like
Two pretty fine chicks
Now they dancin’ on my stick
Like a disco in this bitch like
Sippin’ on the Tangueray
Then its back to my place
Finna get that third base like
Then we headed to the homer
Get a lotta doe
But still need a Diploma
Muchin’ on potatoes
Like a Nigga playing poker
Face so staright but I’m high like a coker
Cola…mmm…that cold bottle of soda
Life so fab like that pretty girl Kimora
But its on to the next like Hova
Stay paer chasin’ til’ the day that it is over

(Repeat Hook)

Verse 2 (Diggs)

You know you catch me in a Black hat, Black Lac’, 21 like Blackjack
Slim chick, Thick Hips, Tighter than a Durag
I breeze pass like a draft so relax
Pockets on Add Math, while other Cats Relapse
I’m “The Act” while other Cats Re-Act
Perhaps I’m where yall Cats wanna be at
See I’m the next twitter trend topic
Nothin’ but time on my hand, so yall better watch it
Its 2010, I’m going in like a fifth pocket
Takin the game for what it’s got, like a pick pocket
I keep a tutor that don’t mind giving me some knowledge
Diggs a freshman, first year in College
But I still like my chick sophomore, softcore
Diggin’ in her guts like an ulcer
Stuck to your girl walls like a Fly Swatted
Now she stuck to my side like a hip socket, got it?

(Repeat Hook)

Verse 3

OKAY! Here we go
Yep, Straight to the bank, cos the paper stay cranked like HEY!
So now we straight straight stuntin’
On you mother fuckers, like the shit ain’t nothin’
And we coppin’ Big Toys, Cos you know we Big Boys
And we makin’ Big Noise Like HEY!
Black on Black on the Ponti’ (Pontiac)
But when I’m riding with her, I pull up in a Ducati like
Getting’ Money is the hobby
And I ain’t finna stop, til’ I reach the tippy top
So come and get this money that we blowing like its hot
And like the nigga Diddy, we be sippin’ on Ciroc
Yep, by the case loads, Cos we got them Pesos
Always stay fresh to death and never wear the same clothes
Cos it’s on to the next like Hova
Stay paper chasin’ til’ the day that it is over

Repeat Hook til’ Fade

Storybook Girl by DanO & Damon D.

Verse One

Okay…We didn’t hit it on the first day
But oh man, I wanted her in the worst way
She is so fine
Yeah a straight dime
Five feet high, but dem heels made her fly
Oh yeah, she’s definitely a jaw dropper
That’s because the pretty shawty got a whole lotta
A lotta this, a lotta that, like a fit copper
Always liked to kick it with her like a game of soccer
Taking long walks, shopping at the mall
Then conversations on the celly til’ the break of dawn
Oh yeah, a saving grace, straight keeper
I’m happy that I need her, cos she fit me like a sneaker
Got so much chemistry, I think we need a beaker
And nah she ain’t a leaker, got dem zips on lock
HAHA, and she comfy like a sock,
But at the same time, she got me solid like a rock
That’s why….

I wanna take my baby on trips around the world
My storybook girl
I wanna give her all she needs like diamonds and pearls
My storybook girl
Yeah she’s my….
Storybook girl……yeah
Yeah she’s my
Storybook girl
I’m never gonna make her hurl
Cos she’s my one and only girl
Yeah yeah

Verse 2

Okay…We’ve been together since I can remember
Started off in January now we’re in December
She always made me feel like the hot days in winter
And sometimes so cold like the days in summer
She made me wait a whole year man, ain’t that a bummer?
But it was worth it man cos now I know I really love her
And I’m bout to get up on her
And we’re going under cover
Beat it up just like a drummer
Heat it up just like a sauna
Until the sun up
And like the son up
I’m here to save her like the savior
But I still daringly crave her
It might seem like I hate her
Cos every time I say later
When I hit it, I just quit it
Like a smoker in a clinic
One thing you gotta know, I never think of other hoes
And I just want us to grow, with love than ever before
Then maybe we can go and someday have a family
But let me ask you this, would you marry?
I know its kinda sudden like some baken in the oven
But I promise girl, that I’ll give you so much lovin’
So let’s stop the bustin’ and the cussin’ and the fussin’
And get to the lustin, and no more crushin’
Cos you know that booty mad thick, behing your juicy ass lips
I’m tryna get you hot and wet, you know Jacuzzi that shit
And then I’m bustin like a uzi when im thru with that shit
The only reason that I put up with your moody ass trips is…

Hook comes in again then…..


Whatever you need, I aim to please
Baby girl won’t you be
My storybook girl
Baby you can see all this love in me…
You’re the only one I need


Hook 1(2ce)
I’m the truh, I’ma star, I’ma beast
Swagga so hot, can’t nobody reach me
Step up in the spot, and everybody know me
What more can I day

Verse 1
I’m so appalled, but I rhyme damn raw
My rhyme so tight, slice you nice like a saw
Silly on the mic like a strike to the jaw
And I’m so barred, all you niggas just are
I know you gon’ appalaud cos I spit with no flaws
And its stacks on deck, Soulja Boy and Jabar
I crunch these bars like a freaking Jabba Jaw
A Shaq Attack, We keep it cracka-lacking like the law
My rhymes up to par, yours close but no cigar
Cos I go so far, kinda like an SLR
I’m gonna be a star, never like a coal tar
By the Grace of God or Insha’Allah
Straight on guard for them haters tryna charge
Like a freaking credit card, man this shit ain’t a façade
Cos the know I’m young money, kinda like Nicki Minaj
And I go so hard like Terry Bogard

Repeat Hook (2ce)

Verse 2
I’m ON! And I’m rocking Sean John
So Fresh, So Clean, killin’ it like James Bond
Last name Olukotun, transform like Megatron
The Teflon Don, and yes I’m number one
Go ape like King Kong, throw bombs like ping pong
And you haters, you probably sweeter than ding dongs
And the thong song, I’m sure it’s your them song
So be gone or be bonged like Ching Chong
Right here we so strong, never cocky like shlung
So I suggest don’t test unless you want stress
Man you rocking with the best, flow with so much finesse
And yes I guess I suppress the contest
And I know you know the rest, but nevertheless
Like S. Carter, you know who’s hotter
Fly with all Pradas, Docle and Gabbana
Headed to the stars, so I say sayonara

Repeat Hook (2ce)

Verse 3
Now we stretch lex flexin’ yeah with no stressin’
Italian jawn, Tell her get the undressin’
We finna start messin’ up like a dressing
Kissing, caressing, now she obsessing
Straight up molesting, tells me it’s a lesson
That I have to learn, so I never have to yearn
But I never run back, cos it’s on to the next
Like the day I get the check, then it’s on the Lex
Then the ladies hit the text, then it’s on to the sexin’
Never second guessin’, and I get the best in
Rhyme complex, get your brain convexing
That’ll get you vexing, cos you feeling less than…me
Feeling like B.I.G, on the M.I.C, up in NYC
W.O.L.E, you know that’s me,
And I’m the greatest Nigerian MC…

Never Love (Feat. Dame D)

Hook 1
I’m never gonna love (Love)
Thought you came from up above (Above)
I’m never gonna love again
Got this pain in my heart, wish it could beat again cos I’m….

I’m never gonna love(Love)
Thought you came from up above (Above)
I’m never gonna love again
Man, I wish I could go back to where this all began cos I’m….

Verse 1

You got me stuck, going straight outta my mind
Mad cos I can’t tell the truth from a lie
How could you say you love me?
When you knew the hurt that was gonna cause me
How could I be the last to know?
All your girlfriends thinking I’ma joke
I’m tired from all your games
Foolish cos I almost gave you my last name
But now…..I’m switching up the tempo
Ball’s in my court, and I’m driving past your ego
Glad that I’m leaving, poison to my system
Girl you had me grieving, yeah
When I found out you was creeping on me
Empty words don’t really do nothin’ for me
The girl I gave my heart,
Took pleasure, in tearing it apart, I’ll never LOVE!

Repeat Hook

Verse 2

Damn, we was cool like the winter
But damn girl, you went hot like the summer
Your foul ways shot me down like a gunner
Drowning in my own tears, I’m going down under
Uh, you always said that you loved me
Even went as far as shutting out your buddies
So I don’t understand why you want another man
Cos I gave you everything, even promised a wedding ring
Well I guess things aint always what it seems
Cos all this while, I’ve been living in a dream
Feeling high like the sun, thought you were my number one
Never knowing that this tragedy had only just begun
So I’ma keep it simple,
Pull a glock blast straight up to my temple
So you can get gone, and I can move on
And throw them deuces up at the end of the song

Repeat Hook til Fade


Verse 1
HEY!….Okay Here WE GO!
Straight to the top, you know I’m finna blow
Drop bombs like the homie named Sadam
So you know I run shit, so call me a vagabond
Hey….and we going on and on
You niggas run sprints, while I’m doing marathons
One lane niggas, watch me do decathlons
Cos I spit straight lines like a freaking echelon
Catch me on your TV like a crazy telethon
Looking sparkling clean, sagging on my denim jeans
Wishing you had the means to the glitz and the gleam
And the blings and the rings and things you’ve never seen
Hey…I’m shooting up like a feind
So you know I stay high, blowing up like gasoline
Penetrating rhymes, lines lubed on Vaseline
Cos the flows is obscene and the rhymes is so keen
Hey…..i’m Spielberg up in the scene
While you niggas just act tough like you’re marine
Hey….and thing aint always what they seem
But in this rap shit man, you fucking with a KING

Hook 1

Man you fucking with a KING!
Shining like a Super Bowl Ring
You can find me on radio, TV sets and Magazines
Toast to the good life cos we be sippin’ Champeen(Champagne)
I bet you wanna be up with this team
Man you fucking with a KING!

(Repeat 4times)
I’m So Cold, So Cold
Man you fucking with a KING!

Y’all ready know, how the shit gon’ go like…..

Fast Life

Uh, we’re living the FAST LIFE!!!
Money, Cars, Hoes, is all we know
Drapped up in diamonds, sometimes all in gold
Penthouse suites, with them all luxurious treats
And I’m never going back to the streets

Verse 1
As I… sit back, relax, chillin’ on rewind
For those that didn’t know man, I’m chillin’ on recline
With a dime, she said her age is 1989
So you know she pretty fine, cos I’m sippin on that wine
Vanta(Vintage), you haters can’t get up to my shine
Like the sun in the sky, no one brighter that I
Cos I, I, I, I, I, be seeing thru ya niggas
Ya loose for that change, we messin’ with big figures
Never pulling a trigger, I ain’t no Puto neither
Just dumb with the rhymes, might as well just call me Keiza
And puff like a nine, yeah we smokin’ on that Chebba
Chillin’ with senoritas who sippin’ magaritas
Like Adidas, three strikes, i’m gone, Hasta la vista
Cos I punch clutch on that G6, V6-ing
Just to get high, we fly the G5
Cos that’s how we ride, Viva la Vida, ah

Repeat Hook

Verse 2
Crusin’ down the scene in my all black Vader
Pirelli’s on the feet, 17s on the way up
Angel eyes headlights, looking like a poltergeist
Got it sounding like a dragon when I punch it on the Magna-
Flow exhaust pipe; leave you haters out of sight
Cos gone in 60 seconds is the lesson I be stressin’
Yep, straight up supressin’ on your slow ass
I’m taking the road and driving thru like my whole past
You spittin’ fire, but all I see is just no match
You claiming that “No Pad” and spittin’ that whole ass
Niggas is whole trash, I squeeze’em like old cash
Your flows is old, so switch’em up like a nomad
I’m finna BLOW!!! so light the dro up and puff-pass
Said it before, I’m on a roll like Desean Jack…
So ‘F’ a Giant, I’m more defiant like raw cash
So better hall ass, I’m droppin’ that bomb real FAST!!!

Repeat Hook Til’ Fade

Sport Fly Shit

Verse 1
Yeah we sport fly shit, we should win an ESPY
Rockin’ like the Gunners and we skate on’em like Gretzky
Cos we so flashy, camera angle classy
On the red carpet doing runs like a track meet
Yeah this tracks heat, running shit like athletes
Got my Gucci’s on, now that’s what you call a bad feet
Ina G6, Flyin’ like a G5
Screaming fuck the cops, cos we gone like a peace sign
Ha! Two in the shirt and a G-Shock
New Era Hat, Camo Shorts and some Levis
Backpack, knapsacks, by the BSKY
Got me feeling fly, so I’m H A Double P Y
Rockin’ jeans made by C Double O G I
Serbia Boots, yeah I’m finna Ski Dive
Louis wallet, so I’m standing seven feet high
Triple Fat Goose Jacket, Reppin’ on my B-Side

And I Sport Fly Shit, I Should Win an ESPY

Verse 2
Still Sporting Fly Shit, Airplane mileage
Sittin’ First Class, so you know we got the knowledge
So much time on my hands, thank the diamonds
Can’t freakin’ tell what the mother lovin’ time is
Cos its still shinnin’, Yep, straight Blinding
Rockin’ Ray-Bans, so I ban rays rising
With a white Jesus piece, that’s the highness
Blessing all you lames like you freaking had a sinus
With them Sean Johns, I’m sippin’ on Chandon
With some Ace of Spades, then move on to Perignon
So you know that we on, like we rockin’ Teflon’s
And we spending so much money like we got a million
Uh, ladies screamin’ cos the know that we the bomb
And we give’em so much feelings, like a dental flossin’ on
So come on, bop your head to the song
Cos we party all night, staright up to the early morn, we gone..

Repeat Hook

Verse 3 (Diggs)
I Sport Fly Shit, call me G5 Diggs
I’m ina whip, Polo Boots, lookin’ like fried shrimp
More labels on me than a baseball fence
Swag take your breath, like you just raced a long sprint
Bands in my pocket, cheese like I’m Jerry
Black and white J’s, like I’m wearing Halle Berry
Fresh fruity loom crew with them grey tips
Gillette twin fresh, I’m cleaner than a shaved pit
White body J’s, black trims, suede hips
My interracial J’s will make the Triple K’s sick
Polo on my chest, like my name Henry Brent
Out West, with a chick, rockin Dickie pant sweats
Redbone chick, she look like Barbie with a butt
Shiny Louis bag, I call her Starsky and clutch
Black diamonds in my ear, I call’em cold stones
Touch screen enough to help E.T. phone home, I’m gone.


Verse 1
Flow so cold like North Pole
And the homie stay fly like Lamborghini car doors
Always mess with fine hoes that show up to my shows
Giving’em a good show, like a girl TOOK OFF HER CLOTHES!!!
So you know how a roll, like you see me smokin’ trees
Feeling high like a butterfly, and chillin’ like a G
Who I be? That nigga with the peddle to the metal
Who be all in the studio sessions rippin’ instrumentals
Finna blow like a kettle, til’ then I’ll never settle
For that fake ass shit, cos I’m too legit to quit
So you know it’s HAMMER TIME when I’m punchin’ up them lines
So who you gon call when you want to BUST-A-RHYME?
Bet its D to the A to the N to the O, and Yo
Yall ready know, HOW THE SHIT GON GO!!!
And I’m comin’ thru your door like I’m 2 times PO
With a 2 times 4, so hit straight for the floor
For the, rap veteran, flow sweeter than cinnamon
Rhymes full of adrenaline, beats steady be killin’em
I’m not a killer but I’m bad with them rhymes
Get on this bumpy ride, we gon have a good time


We we, can go go, dance all night
Rockin’ to the beat like DYNAMITE!!!

Verse 2

YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH WE ROCKIN’ and they jockin’ man
Dancing like that Cali Swag District, Yeah we DOUGIE MAN!!!
We pop-lockin’, never dropping, like that HUEY
Mandel on the cell, tryna deal me with no dealie man
Chid-Chiddy Bang, flying thru my city man
Kids in the Hall-way, dancing to that Beanie Man
Just like Gillie, we be smokin’ up that Philly man
Pineapple kush got me higher than a Genie man
Like Graffiti, we be hanging on our city
Representing the real, never fake like pair of titties
So please don’t hate us, only appreciate us
And simply motivate us to get to a better status
So we can blow up like a gymnastic apparatus
And then THEY couldn’t chase us, cos we gone like an Hiatus
ZROOM!!! Straight up to Vegas, stacking chips like Bodegas
Party up like invaders, and getting dressed like a Raider
Blowin’ a lotta paper, I’m ballin’ just like a Laker
Living life to the fullest for the peeps that never made it
Cos when we shine man, we all gon shine
The skies is the limit, make sure to pay it a visit

Repeat Hook Til’ Fade

Mr. Spaceman by Lando feat. DanO

Call me Mr. Spaceman, I’m never coming back again
Travelling the Galaxy, chillin’ with the Aliens
Now I’m about to take off, take off (I’m about to take off)
I’m about to take off (oh, whoa, whoa, whoa)

Verse 1 (Lando)

And it goes 3,2,1, ZOOM! I’m gone, Take Off!
Flying high with my brake off
On a another mission
Body steady twistin’
Space to get high, then my hand start itchin’
Seen the moon man and he told me come down down
I told’em im comin’ back around (around)
Can’t believe I’m this far from the ground (ground)
Don’t know when I’ll be down (down)
I’m on a mission
Dre’s in here wit me
Rollin’ and I’m going about 50
Watching the world spin real quickie
Oh NASA don’t come get me

Repeat Hook

Verse 2 (DanO)

OFF WE GO!!! on a Rocket Ship
BLAST OFF!!! we out this bitch
Twinkle like the stars, wonder what we really are
Chillin’ on mars, on the way to Jupiter
Cleanest genius, shine like Venus
Not so dimness, like Uranus
These verses are the meanest
Never kneelin’ like a dominus
Wanna ride on this milkyway?
Might just end up on Pluto
We can wrestle ike a Sumo
Or fall in love like Juno
But anyways, we’re on our way
Ridin’thru the blue-e fumes and glooms of Neptune
Then we can pyoom all the way to the moon
Then fly to Saturn, like Aladdin

Repeat Hook Til Fade


Ooooh WEE!!
It’s some new shit
HEY, from the new kid
Man you know who it is

Verse 1
So….Let me start by saying a lil’ story bout me
First off, the name’s W.O.L.E
I’m the new kid, but I’m O.L.D
Came from the motherland, but now in New Jersey
Age 23, and I’m prolly 5’3
Graduated High School and went to BCC
Enough about me, let’s stick to the beat
Tryna get this clean, green, dollar-dollar, Cream
So I can take all my friends to the mall
Shopping sprees, and a whole lot more
Brand new house, and a black Pontiac
So I can drive fast, but I’ll prolly not crash
Then go cluubin’ get a lot of lovin’
Pop a lot of bottles, chillin’ with the models
And all them haters mean muggin’
Cos they get no fun in, they buggin’ cos….

Cos they know just who you are
And you shine as bright as a star
And they can’t take it

I know that they hate it
Cos you’re a SUPERSTAR!!!
Baby, Baby
I know that they hate it
Cos you’re a SUPERSTAR!!!

Verse 2
So….now that everybody knows my name
I’m headed to the top, like the homie Lil’ Wayne
Getting’ so high and fly like planes
Looking at the haters from the sky like lames
Cos I’m fresh like new baby bottoms
Rockin’ shade from Dolce & Gabbanna
Louis kicks, and a couple out from Prada
And when girls see me, they always wanna holla
Saying, don’t you wanna be with me?
I always wanted to be with a G
And I’m like, okay, definitely
You can chill with me in my hotel suite
But I’m benzin’ with this chick Alexis
Who’s from Boston, but I think its Texas
And she drives an all-black Lexus
Sending me texts, come and sex this cos….

Repeat Bridge and Hook

Verse 3
So….OFF WE GO!!! On a space rocket
And I’m shooting thru the stars like the Haleys comet
Got a grip in the game like a lady’s locket
And the haters wanna try but they can’t stop
Can’t can’t stop(2ce)
And the haters wanna try but they can’t stop it
Cos my rap is just so rapid
When you listen to the beat, it gets your head boppin’
Like boulders, cold as a bear from the polars
Hot like solar-rays exposure
24s on a brand new rover
So I’m lookin’ down like God, Jehovah
Like Jay-Hova, man its over
Its my time, I’m taking over
This rap shit like I’m the owner
Yes I spazz just like a bi-polar, hold up

Repeat Bridge and Hook Til’ Fade

I’m Here (Feat. Damon D)

Even though I ain’t on top yet
Soon, Ima be the one signing your check
Tell the haters I’M HERE!!!
And I ain’t goona stop, NO!!!
All type of hours on my grind
I’ma do me, I’ma get what’s MINE!!!
Tell the haters I’M HERE!!!
And I ain’t gonna stop, NO!!!

Verse 1
See me walking thru the clouds like it’s full of steps
Looking down on you haters like a freaking strip
You know me, I stay up, never less
I’m never coming down; I’m aiming for the crown
Ladies scream the name when strutting thru town
DanO!!!, what everybody’s yelling all around
Was once lost, now I’m found, and I’m profound
So I’m bright, but gleaming like a wedding gown
I’m on for the chase, never a follower
A dream is all I have; I’m headed on the path
So don’t tell me I can’t make it cos I already have
And I’ma keep pushing to the limit while it lasts
So go on grab a glass, cos I’ma make a toast
Sippin’ that LUDAYACK!!! and reaching for that gold coast
And for the most, I’m GHOST!!! Never coming LAST!!!
And til’ the day I pass, I’m living like MARDI GRAS!!!

Repeat Hook

Verse 2
Verse two just comes thru cos CASH RULES!!!
In G.Wash and A.Bs they PAY ME!!!
Its all lights and camera action, so say CHEESE!!!
We finally made it, the haters a feeling constipated
They even try debate it, they saying it’s overrated
But I never fake it, this ain’t no “SHAKING BACON”
Never imitating, only the occupation
I am “ONE OF ONE” homie, “CREAM DE LA CREAM” baby
So ITS ON!!! baby, you want it? Just come face me
Catch me if you can, already at the other end
Swimming in the Caribbean, me and all my Rasta Friends
So please don’t pretend, or tend to comprehend
Kinda like Graffitti, my rhymes are off the bend
Cos my pen ascends to heights you can’t commence
So hence, just call me the freaking BEST!!!
Yes and nothing less, so get it CORRECT!!!

Repeat Hook Til’ Fade

Up in Flames

This world is going up in flames
And nobody wants to take the blame
Don’t tell me how to live my life
When you, Oh, oh, oh, OOH!!!

Verse 1
Shit aint been the same since I been in the game
And the ladies go insane, cos they all screamin’ my name like
D to the A to the N to the O and yo
This world’s up in flames, cos its mentally deranged
Some be feinding for the pipe, instead of feinding for a life
So they smoke it all away like they chillin’ on a flight
Never pondering how they gon make it thru them chilly nights
And some just chillin’ cos they drug dealing
And poisoning their hood cos they think they’re livin’ good
With them E-Class benzs, while others in the trenches
Fighting in a war that ain’t meant for them at all
And they Click-Clack, so get back or get wacked
With them silly rhyme schemes that I’m spillin’ in between
But what it really seems is that they’re living a dream
But as a matter of fact, isn’t the President Black?

Dead Presidents Freestyle

Presidents to represent me
I’m out for presidents to represent me
I’m out for presidents to represent me
I’m out for dead fuckin presidents to represent me

Verse 1
I ain’t tryna sound just like everybody else
But I’ma make this music just like everybody else
And try to make this money cos suffering ain’t funny
I’m tryna feed my fam, pretect’em from UNCLE SAM
Cos when you love your wife, them haters try to take your life
And some of’em are jealous and crazy up in the melon
And when they finally see you ain’t like them other fellas
They try to bust the heat thinking that you’re over zealous
That’s why they’re killers cos they hate to see a man shine
WE! Your brother’s keepers, but its hate that’s on their damn minds
I can’t lie, I was them, I’d prolly do the same
They smokin’ on that PURPLE and fill it up in the brain
That’s what makes’em deranged, probably drives’em insane
Trying hard to maintain, puffin’ clouds to hide the pain
That they’re really feeling, emotions is really killin’
That’s why they pray to GOD and raise their hands up to the ceiling
But for me, I’ma chillright here
Go to school, get a degree, get my shit right here
So I don’t go down the same streets right here
But by the meantime, I ‘ma spit FIRE!!!
Uh, I’m out for Presidents to represent
So I don’t regret and save my family like the Heaven sent
You know, I’m out for Presidents to represent
So I don’t regret, and save my family like the heaven sent

Repeat Hook

Verse 2
Yeah, I’m back at it like a smack addict
The rhymes keep on elevating to that black attic
Medling rhymes and lines kinda like mathematics
And attacking this track Mac’ and still niggas be yappin’
Steady dappin’, tell me what happening
Is it the lights, camera-action, fazing you like rear distraction?
Or the flashing from my chainy reaction that has got you acting like a nuclear reaction?
Cos I do this with a whole lot of passion
So please stop asking if I do this for the cash-in
Cos obviously, I do this for obvious reasons
That make me the best and nothing like the rest
And I’ma keep spillin’em like John Lennon
Money to the ceiling, that’s how we tryna live-in
So I could kick back, relax, start chilling
And save myself some stress, just as I digress
Not tryna be a Bad Boy like Elliot Ness
Rather be a Dead Prez, chilling in a stretch Lex
And eating vegetables, and rounding up numbers like decimals
And Grand Turking like Istanbul, Yeah
And I know ou niggas hate it,
But aint the type to fake it cos I nigga tryna make it
And i’ma just be unduly, straight to the end
Signing off, yours truly

Repeat Hook Til’ Fade

5 Minutes Freestyle

Verse 1
On top the world niggas is where I’m at
And the rest of yall is just wigi wigidi wack
Can’t fuck with my raps, whole city holding my back
Like a heart in attack, nigga I’m BIG with the MAC
Damn you big with the mac? Nigga I’m fresh as a tat
And like a wackass quarterback, I run a sack
And then I bring it back to where niggas really rap
And not that sing-sing thing like you Billy Jean
Don’t make me make a scene, cos I ain’t Spielberg
But my words could move herds like Kool Herc
I rhyme so LUDA, I’m straight disturbing the peace
We blowing money real fast like we Big Meech
Or don’t you see the “Signs”? just cal me Mel Gibson
But I ain’t racist nigga, I love all bitches
Like Korean fish dishes, I’m screaming fuck snitches
They straight tellers like they working in a bank
But they pocket stay sank, while mine stays afloat
We party in the seas when we chillin on a boat
Get a toke of this weed, nah I ain’t tryna get it soaked
I’m tryna clean clean like a mother-fucking fiend
And them niggas try to be all the things that I’ve been
I’m tryna get it now while they’re tryna get it then
Cos I’m sick with the pen and my rhymes straight ether
Shit running thru your holmes like I fucks with Derek Jeter
Chugging that margarita like I drive a two sitter
And if I find a woman, I’ll prolly just love and leave her
Cos I ain’t finna keep her like my first name was Iker
And that’s Spain’s goalie, just for those that didn’t know it
So gon head pour it, cos we sippin on that Moet
And when I get that check, best bet I’m gon blow it
Ferarri F Floor it, Lamborghinis and bikinis
Haters can never see me; I’m Houdini like a genie
Never hung like Mussolini, simply because I’m illy
On the M.I.C, kinda like B.I.G.
Always rocking Sean John, like the Teflon Don
Bitches think shit is magic like my name was Don Wan
Yeah, you know its on, and I straight drop bombs
Always on some fly shit like the Louis Vuitton Don
which means I’m K West-in, all my shows flexin’
Never perplexing, and you just second guessing

I’m So Appalled Freestyle

Verse 1
I’m so appalled
Haters try to stop me but I’m still going hard
Rhyming off the top, its kinda like I’m going bald
And yeah, I ain’t Scottish, but I Syne Lang Al
I’m gon ball til’ I fall
Before I stand tall, yes I know I’m gon crawl
But the ladies still bawl when they see me in the mall
You know I’m gon call cos I’m finna hit them draws
And you know I got the rubbers, I ain’t finna hit it raw
She a runway model, I finna get scald
Like a hot water bottle, dumb niggas get scrawled
Cos they so enthralled when they back against the wall
I’m not a Bun B, but I know I sound drawled
I’m sitting sideways like the homie Paul Wall
Driving in the fast lane like a man above the law
But before I get caught, man I’m finn get lost
Not the TV show, that where you see me hoe
But I don’t like fish dishes, like the Korean mistress
She wanna be my Mrs. Give me lots of kisses
I’m finna dismiss this, she fiending for the riches
She see that I’ma boss like the homie Ricky Ross
But I really like to floss, don’t care what the thing cost
Man I’m finna by the bar like its freaking Mardi Gras
I give thanks to Allah, couldn’t have made it this far
Still smoke a Cuban cigar, ain’t that shit freaking bizarre
Uh, man I’m fucking rapstar
And I’m better than whoever you prolly thinking you are
Cos my rhymes go far kinda like an SLR
And just like a shooting star I tell the haters au revoir
Cos I’m so far gone man like the homie Drizzy
And like he boy Weezy, man I gets busy

Fear Freestyle

Verse 1
It’s funny how we all dying to live
When all we’re doing is living to die
So like the homie Snoop Dogg I’ma stay high like a kite
Cos I’m not in this shit to ride a bike
I’m tryna takes flights, probably siiting in first class
Cos back in college I was always last
So I aim for the sky, like Mr. West it’s the fucking limit
I paint my words like an art exhibit
So I multiply, and spread this Gospel to the masses
Just before my lifetime passes
And I’ma be the best to ever to do it, so don’t cobfuse it
Like water man, my rhymes stay fluid
So just get into it, like jumping in a pool full of fools
Cos with the right tools, you proclaim the crown jewels
And like an evidence homie I got so much to prove
And I promise mama, I will never lose