Who are some of your biggest influences?

Nas, Jay-Z, Kanye West, J. Cole, Wale, Fela Kuti

What can we expect from your next release?

Another hit record. Just as Dope as “Million First Week” filled with Lyricism. It’s a “Dream Chaser Anthem” called “Money On My Mind”

When are you dropping your new single/mixtape/EP?

No specific date yet but its coming sooner than later

Your most recent single “Million First Week” has received a lot of love online, how was it working with Mike Zombie? What was the creative process like behind the single?

It’s definitely a blessing to have him on the record. I told him I was shooting to make a record better than “Started from the Bottom” which he produced for Drake and he did his thing lyrically. The homie “Cash Jordan” produced the beat. Crazy thing is we’re all from New Jersey.

Besides Mike Zombie, are there any artists you’re currently collaborating with?

Currently, I’m working with Locksmith Music (88 Keys Label) Artist/Producer Little Vic for my next album. He produced “Steady Chasin Lettuce” and features on “Iron Bars Of Death” on my latest album “Verses & Hooks 3” which is available now on iTunes . I’ve been fortunate to have worked with Young Money Artist Cory Gunz and Sony Artist Hi-Rez. Both were supposed to be featured artists on my album “Verses & Hooks 3” but due to certain complications, didn’t make the final cut.

What advice would you give to aspiring lyricists?

To always speak from the heart and also speak truth. We as artists, Hip Hop artists in particular have a responsibility to protect our current generation and generations to come from some of the trash being fed to us musically and socially. Whether you believe it or not, the songs we make speak louder than any Politician or President.

You’ve been in the game for about 5 years now, what would you say are the biggest changes you’ve seen from then to now?

Honestly, It’s been more or less the same in the sense of what record or type of artist gets attention. I can’t remember the last time a message for HOPE or just music you could FEEL deep down within was ever played on the radio. Being a drug dealer/rapper seems to get all kinds of attention up to this day. But artists such as J. Cole, Wale, Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Run The Jewels, are continuing to break boundaries and showing people you don’t have to settle for less. You can be you and always you. Every human being is a genius. You just have to focus and find what kind of genius you are. Never confirm to what others might say is IT when you clearly know what is right from wrong. It’s as simple as this, would you rather eat a bowl of rice, or a bowl of needles?

I will always strive to make music that enlightens the people, not enslave them. Entertaining music is great but not at the cost of keeping your fellow man and woman at the bottom of a barrel whether it be by a gun or in a ditch physically and mentally.